3,500 fans in MAINSTAGE during the sold-out fieldlab concert with Racoon

10 May 2021
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DEN BOSCH - For the first time since corona flooded the Netherlands, everything was released on Friday evening. Legally of course. Den Bosch had the scoop and the popular band from Zeelandh, Racoon and 3500 fans were the lucky ones. This event was part of the Fieldlab research.

No one entered MAINSTAGE without a negative test. In addition, it is the intention that all these people will be tested again in five days. Because only then can it be said how responsible this experiment was.

For director Jeroen Dona it has been exciting in recent weeks whether this Racoon concert could take place at all. Because first, after a national wave of indignation, the 538-Oranjefeest in Breda and another Fieldlab festival was cancelled and then Efteling had to cancel its test day because there was not enough enthusiasm. Racoon, known for hits such as ''Love you more'' and ''Oceaan'', was not bothered by that; within a day, all 3500 tickets were sold out.

And when Racoon started playing hit after hit, the audience was already delighted. Den Bosch sways and sings along at the top of his lungs, without a face mask, and with beer from a plastic festival cup. Just like before.

Fits within the Fieldlabs series
Last night's concert is part of the Fieldlabs series where the researchers create different situations for the visitors, as they did before at a few football matches, the 3FM Awards and soon at the Eurovision Song Contest in Ahoy' Rotterdam.


Source: Brabants Dagblad