Are you looking for a suitable concert, entertainment production or company party space? Large, cosy, business or festive: in MAINSTAGE you will find the ideal location for any event. There are almost unlimited possibilities with the mobile telescopic stand, an attractive foyer, a modern floor system, and our roof frames.

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The south of the Netherlands deserves a stage.

You know what they say: Life is a party, and you have to hang the garlands yourself! And that is precisely what we do. We turn them in all colours and sizes, for whoever comes and gets on stage. We adapt. We unpack. We grab you and we grab the moment. From carnival to the festival, from headbanger to dinner show. We take the opportunity to let you have the best time. And that deserves a stage.

MAINSTAGE is the entertainment venue in the South of the Netherlands where all facilities are available to host astonishing large-scale live entertainment and music shows. This new hall, which adapts to its surprising programme, gives both young and old the feeling of being in a completely different world for a while. With our no-nonsense mentality and our Brabants heart, we make yours beat faster. And we like doing so. 

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  • Brabant(s)

    MAINSTAGE is the  entertainment venue of the South where we welcome everyone with open arms. Our Brabants  heart creates an immersive and involved atmosphere in which we deliver you a high-level experience. 

  • Astonishing

    With all facilities provided and the diversity of artists from the live entertainment and music world, you will be amazed. At MAINSTAGE we are happy to exceed expectations. 

  • Entertainment

    Let me entertain you. That's what MAINSTAGE is about. Modest, but proud, we present our variety of events. Experience top entertainment at MAINSTAGE! 

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Libéma receives more than five million guests yearly at amusement parks, holiday parks and exhibition and event locations. Libéma's mission is: "You will experience the best time at Libéma". This naturally means that Libéma ensures that.

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Under the name Lips Beheermaatschappij (Libéma), the current director Dirk Lips has been operating Autotron Rosmalen since 1982. Autotron Rosmalen started as a hobby of Mr Lips senior. Expansion created.

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Mainstage - About us

About us

Libéma, of which MAINSTAGE is a part, is with more than 20 locations one of the largest leisure concerns of the Netherlands. The company is divided into three divisions: Amusement Parks, Holiday Parks and Exhibitions & Events.

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