We do everything to make sure your visit to MAINSTAGE is unforgettable. It is useful to obtain the necessary information in advance, so you will not be confronted with surprises. Apart from the show then.


MAINSTAGE is located at Oude Engelenseweg 1 in 's-Hertogenbosch. The entertainment hall is part of the Brabanthallen and 1931 Congress Center building.

  • MAINSTAGE is easily accessible by car, close to the A2, A59 and A65. The navigation address of MAINSTAGE is Oude Engelenseweg 1, 5222 AA 's Hertogenbosch.

    To make your visit to Mainstage run smoothly, you can buy your parking ticket here in advance. This means that you do not have to stand in the queue at the parking meter on location.


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  • MAINSTAGE is approximately a 10-minute walk from Central Station ‘s-Hertogenbosch. You must take the Paleiskwartier / Brabanthallen station exit and follow the "Brabanthallen" sign. After approximately 9 minutes you will see the main entrance of MAINSTAGE.

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  • MAINSTAGE has 4,000 parking places. Pay attention! MAINSTAGE is a pin-only location.

    To make your visit to Mainstage run smoothly, you can buy your parking ticket here in advance. This means that you do not have to stand in the queue at the parking meter on location.


Facilities for disabled visitors

MAINSTAGE is easily accessible for disabled visitors. If you want to reserve a wheelchair space, you must contact the organization of the show by telephone.

There is also a disabled toilet available.


MAINSTAGE has 4,000 parking spaces. Pay attention! MAINSTAGE is a pin-only location. To make your visit to Mainstage run smoothly, you can buy a parking ticket here in advance. This means you do not have to queue at the parking machine on location. There is also a bicycle shed to the left of the entrance to MAINSTAGE.


View below the map of the hall that applies to the shows of Cultuurstad Theaters.

Map (PDF)

Eat & drink

We try to minimize the number of contact moments and the number of times that delays can occur. As a result, there are no breaks in the shows. It is also possible to pre-order the range of the catering assortiment. Next to that you can buy a drink and some goodies to bring to the hall. Opening hours are each event different and are indicated on the relevant event page.

House rules

A lot is allowed at MAINSTAGE. Of course we do not want to get in the way of an awesome evening, but we also have to follow the rules. That is why you will find the PDF here where you can read the house rules.

House rules (PDF)

Question & answer

Here you will find frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers. Is your question not listed here? Contact customer service.

  • This varies per show. Look at the page of the show in the agenda to see what time the doors open.

  • That varies per show. In many cases, MAINSTAGE acts as accommodation and not as a (concert) organizer. The organization of the show can tell you more about ticket types and the seat-reservation plan etc. Look at the page of the show in the agenda, here you will find a link to the ordering module for the tickets. You can find more information via that module. When viewing the floor plan make sure that the floor does not rise, but the grandstand does.

    Due to the current situation, a clear walking route has been created in MAINSTAGE by means of stickers / lines on the floor that you can follow to reach the right foyer or hall. The e-ticket also states the entrance and the aisle. Employees will be available in front of the entrance for questions and directions. The walking routes should also be used after the show, so that everyone leaves the hall/location through the various streamlined exits. The performance of the show is supervised by an employee of the show. We strive for everyone to leave the building immediately after the performance to exclude risks.

  • MAINSTAGE is a pin-only location. To reduce contact moments on location and make your visit run smoothly you can buy a parking ticket in advance, reserve a locker and order the catering products online.

  • Bringing your own drinks is not allowed. There are several bars where you can order a drink.

  • The parking costs can vary per show. For shows with a fixed starting time, payment must be made in advance. Parking costs depend on the organization of the show. Sometimes parking is free. This is indicated by the organization of the show.

  • MAINSTAGE is a smoke-free location. Smoking inside is strictly prohibited. Smoking, incl. E-smoking, is only permitted in the designated smoking area outside. MAINSTAGE reserves the right to remove visitors who smoke inside from the building.

  • At MAINSTAGE, depending on the event, lockers or cloakroom are available. You will receive more information via the event organizer in the last info mail.

  • All found objects must be handed in at the information desk in the hall. If your belongings are lost, you can report there or call 073 - 62 93 911.

  • If you want to reserve a wheelchair space, you must contact the organization of the show by telephone.

  • Visitors can report any complaints on the spot to a MAINSTAGE employee. It is also possible to submit complaints by mail:

  • Experience the best time at MAINSTAGE! We wish you a pleasant visit to our location and in addition to the applicable legal rules, we would like to point out the following visitor's rules, whereby we ask you to take our neighbors into account at all times:

    • You are only welcome in our location with a valid ticket;
    • Parking is only permitted in the designated parking spaces for a fee;
    • On request you must be able to identify yourself - children under the age of 18 can only enter our location under the supervision of an adult;
    • For safety reasons you must follow instructions from employees and written instructions (for example instructions on signs) at all times - you can be searched in this context and your bags can be searched;

    Further than that it's not allowed to:

    • Make video and / or audio recordings for commercial purposes;
    • Bring your own drinks;
    • Advertise and offer goods and / or services;
    • Wear group-specific and / or inflammatory clothing;
    • To bring items that may cause unrest or injury, (toy) weapons and / or drugs (medicines are allowed provided a medical statement can be shown);
    • To bring (domestic) animals (with the exception of a guide / assistance dog);
    • Block or wrongly activate paths, (emergency) exits, stairs or fire extinguishers;
    • Commit vandalism and / or theft;
    • If, in the opinion of our location and / or the organizer, you disrupt order, peace and / or safety, whether or not as a result of violating these visitor regulations, you may be denied access to our location;
    • Goods and objects that in the opinion of our location and / or the organizer are considered unauthorized and legally prohibited goods and objects are not permitted in our location;
    • In the event of a (suspected) offense / violation, the police will be warned;
    • In addition to regular camera surveillance, our location can also make video and audio recordings. These recordings can be used as atmospheric impressions in commercial expressions of our location and the Libéma group of which our location is part;
    • Our location processes personal data (including (camera) images) in accordance with applicable regulations and our privacy statement;
    • Visiting and parking at our location is entirely at your own risk. Our location accepts no liability for personal injury and / or theft, loss, loss or damage to property.
  • Hell yes! It is simply possible to buy tickets. Unfortunately, the doors will be closed from 15 to 27 October, but we hope and assume that we will be able to open again from 11 November! You can see per performance in the program overview whether a performance is going ahead and if you can buy tickets for it. If it is the case that performances cannot take place, you can always return your tickets. We always inform visitors personally.