Jandino Asporaat's biggest comedy tour is coming!

27 May 2024
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With Therapy, Jandino Asporaat launches his biggest comedy tour to date!  


The tour passes more than 100(!) venues in the Netherlands, Belgium and the Caribbean. Absolute highlight of the tour are the XL-shows, including the show on Friday, September 20 at MAINSTAGE Brabanthallen!!! "It's my most personal show so far," Asporaat said.  

Is it just me or is the world getting crazier by the day...? With this question, Jandino opens the conversation about today's society and the many forms of therapy available today; from behavioral therapy, therapy against phobias, relationship therapy to attention therapy!  

Maybe we should just start with laughter therapy states Asporaat. After all, no matter what challenges you are currently going through, laughter is always the best medicine!  

"THERAPY" is the only therapy session in the world where you risk going in like a "madman" and coming back out "disturbed." But with shaking bellies and a very wide smile!  

With a nod to an increasingly complex world, you can now book your therapy session through Jandino - Therapy. Don't wait too long, because you really do NOT want to miss this special consultation and spectacle!  

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