Good news! Exemption for us too!

6 October 2020
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Yet exemption: Cultuurstad Theaters in our location may receive 600 visitors!

Safety region Brabant Noord has reconsidered its decision not to grant exemptions. From Tuesday, October 6, theaters, cultural centers and music venues can receive a maximum of 250 visitors. City of Culture Theaters, the 1.5 meter theater of Theater aan de Parade and MAINSTAGE, has even been found to be so safe that it can receive 600 visitors.

Each security region may make exceptions in the form of an exemption from the maximum group size of 30 people per room. This happened last week for almost all theaters in the Netherlands, which allowed them to be open to a large audience. Because Brabant Noord did not grant exemptions, there was a great distinction between theaters in the same region: theaters in Tilburg, Breda, Eindhoven and Waalwijk were allowed to open to a large number of visitors, while theaters in 's-Hertogenbosch and the surrounding area were only allowed to receive 30 visitors.
Jack Mikkers found the difference between the regions unclear and therefore adjusted his earlier decision. “Unity of policy in all security regions is crucial to combat the pandemic. People do not understand that what is not possible here, can be done a few kilometers away, "he says." That is why from now on I will grant exemptions in the way that has become the national norm in the past week. We need clear national criteria for all measures and I trust that they will come soon. I count on the theaters and music venues to ensure that the visit is safe. I have faith in that, given the professionalism that this sector has shown in recent times. ”

We carry on!

The exemption takes effect immediately, so we will continue our shows with just as much passion as always! This means that this week's performance by Nederpop All Stars and Pieter Derks, as well as the other performances, will continue! Visitors are informed personally.

Safety above all else in City of Culture Theaters

We do not compromise on security measures. In our location we even have all kinds of extra corona measures, such as separate entrances, different walkways, extra bars and a ventilation system that continuously refreshes all indoor air with 100% outdoor air. We are also tightening up a number of measures. We ask visitors to wear a face mask upon entering and when they walk through the theater. The mouth mask may be removed from the seat. We continuously monitor, via a survey, how safe visitors feel. Fortunately, we feel greatly supported by you thanks to all the fantastic responses.